Xiaomi 15 Ultra and 15 Pro Expected with Ultrasonic In-Display Fingerprint Scanners

Reports about the Xiaomi 15 series have begun to accumulate as Xiaomi prepares for the launch of the Mi 14 Ultra in China. An ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner is a significant addition that is coming to the Xiaomi 15 Pro and Xiaomi 15 Ultra models, according to a recent leak from Chinese tipster Smart Pikachu.

A supersonic in-screen fingerprint sensor is expected for the Xiaomi 15 series

For those who are unaware, the ultrasonic version offers a higher level of accuracy and security than its optical version by recording the user’s fingerprint in three dimensions using sound waves. Because it can penetrate skin flaws, this technology performs extremely well in difficult situations, like wet or dirty fingers.

Conversely, optical sensors use light to create a 2D image of the fingerprint; this makes them faster overall but may also make them more spoofable. Even though optical sensors have advanced significantly in recent years, ultrasonic sensors usually provide a more durable and dependable biometric authentication experience, especially in harsh situations.

Xiaomi Mobile Price In Pakistan

According to recent reports, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset will be available in the Xiaomi 15 series. It is possible that the Xiaomi 15 will have a 6.36-inch OLED 120Hz flat display that supports 1.5K resolution, while the 15 Pro might have a larger curved-edge screen that supports 2K resolution. The Xiaomi 15 series may go into mass production in September of this year, suggesting a release date of October.

The rumors about the ultrasonic fingerprint reader and the Xiaomi 15 series

Xiaomi 15 and Xiaomi 15 Ultra are officially going to ship with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, according to Weibo tipster Smart Pikachu. The standard Xiaomi 15 is still being considered. The Xiaomi 15 models that are priced higher than the basic model might differ in that way.

As of right now, ultrasonic is a premium feature available on a limited number of phones. But as the tipster points out, as more brands like Xiaomi use it, the feature will gain traction and eventually become more accessible to all.

Ultrasonic vs optical fingerprint scanners

  • Ultrasonic fingerprint readers use sound to check if a fingerprint is real. They send high-pitched sound waves to the finger, and when the vibrations return, they create a detailed 3D picture of the fingerprint. However, optical scanners create a flat, two-dimensional map of the fingerprint using light.
  • But using sound echoes is better for getting an accurate fingerprint than using light reflections, especially if your fingers are wet. Sound can handle flaws in the surface or things that might be in the way of your finger more effectively.
  • Ultrasonic sensors in your phone can sense your blood flow and heartbeat, making it tough for someone to fool them with a picture or fake finger. Because of this, they can also check your heart rate, body mass index (BMI), and blood sugar levels. If a phone company is interested, they can save on extra parts by using this cool feature.

Pros And Cons Of Xiaomi 15 Ultra and 15 Pro

  • The new phone has a bigger battery (5000 mAh) than the 15 Pro.
  •  It also has more pixels in each inch of the screen (522 ppi), which might make the display appear clearer.
  •  It could also be lighter than other models.


The new Xiaomi 15 series, which features the Xiaomi 15 Ultra and 15 Pro, is getting cool fingerprint scanners that are super reliable and safe. These phones will also have premium features like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip and really clear screens. They want to make sure your fingerprint service is outstanding. This kind of fingerprint technology might become common on many phones very soon. They’re also making the phones better with a bigger battery, clearer displays, and maybe even making them lighter. The Xiaomi 15 series shows they’re working hard to make phones more awesome and stay ahead in the mobile industry.


Which of the Xiaomi 15 series’ features stands out?

Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanners are new for the Xiaomi 15 series, offering better accuracy and security.

What are the main features of these phones?

The high-resolution OLED and Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset are noteworthy features.

Why are fingerprint scanners with ultrasonic technology deemed advanced?

With greater accuracy, especially in difficult situations like wet or dirty fingers, ultrasonic scanners use sound waves to create a three-dimensional image of a fingerprint.

Will the battery life of the Xiaomi 15 series be improved?

Yes, it is said that the Xiaomi 15 Ultra has a 5000mAh bigger battery than the 15 Pro.

What security benefits do ultrasonic fingerprint scanners offer for phones?

Ultrasonic technology improves overall device security by making it more difficult to fool the scanner with fake fingers or images.

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